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December 29, 2008

Bills.. bills.. bills.. Disappontment

Last week, I paid my credit card bill two days before the due date to miss the dreaded finance charge. It was actually a one-time purchase which amounted to whooping $445! The items I bought? undies, and sexy lingerie. Haha. The stuff are actually not all mine, but I have some friends and coworkers who ordered with me.

I should be writing more about my experience on shopping online - the hassle, disappointments, and waste of time. I am sure alot of ladies adore Victoria Secret (and so all the guys). But stay tuned for my next posts before you get blinded with their little thongs and sexy undies.

Talking about finances, I have to follow up on some friends who have not paid their share of shipping and taxes for the items they bought. I know it is such a hassle to be texting and calling, and messaging them. No wonder alot of people are doing this kind of thing as a business (pre-order on US items, and they usually require down payments before processing the orders).

It is such a trouble to expect the payment reflected on your bank account and be disappointed with no fund received. It is a good thing I have some dollars to spare that I am able to pay the total credit card due, (or else I would have to work my @$$ off to earn more and pay finance charges).

It is too bad my company does not offer pay day loan just yet..