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Smart Potions?! Fake Victoria Secret Lotions and Sprays

January 25, 2009

This is not an expose’. Or maybe it is. I am not working in a government agency, or part of media. I was just surprised that immitation and knock-offs are spreading like cancer in the world at this time. I personally dont dig fakes and knock-offs. I would rather use a local brand. Something with no tags or brand name emblazoned on its exterior.

We have seen alot of fake Gucci’s, and Prada’s, and Nike’s around the market. What so funny is that these items have their avid followers. I was even surprised to see that even the famous Victoria Secret scents have their own clones too. Surprising.

I am an online trader and I do alot of shopping and selling online. But before I do hit the “purchase” button, I do some research on the product I would buy. It’s a relief that when I purchased some Victoria Secret items from independent retailers, Google presented me zero match for my “fake Victoria Secret, lotion, spray” search. Or maybe there isn’t any brave soul at that point who is willing to tell much about this story.

Yes, fake Victoria Secret lotions and sprays exist. I am not sure if I had been a victim, or maybe I wasnt that too aware. But now I remember I received my lotion from a seller in Ebay – the consistency of the lotion is runny, and thin. Although its scent does last long, and its bottle does look authentic. But the product itself is screaming to me. But I have never given much attention on that matter then.

Alot of sellers are selling these items in Ebay. These items are from Hong Kong, and the selling price ranges from Php120-250 each ($2.5 – $5.3), it’s way cheaper compared to original Victoria Secret scents. Some sellers are even selling these by lots of 8 or 12 bottles. I would praise those sellers who admit that their products are not authentic Victoria Secret scents. But I am not really impresed on how they do business. And for those who claim theirs is authentic, I would have to say, God bless them. Further research landed me to more information about these products. These items are actually from an Asian country who produces and mixes lotion which resemble the scent of Victoria Secret (I am not quite sure if the main point is to immitate). The target market of this company are online sellers and distributors.

If you will do the math, light bulb above your head would say that you will save alot from buying these items. But then, think again. We never know what kind of ingredients were used for these “potions”. Users may develop some skin diseases from using these items. And what’s more embarassing is consumers who would think that they would use these items as gift. What kind of impression would this make if the receiver finds out that what were given to them are fakes? Who would ever want that?

I am not working for the marketing department of Victoria Secret. I don’t even think they even need one anyway. Alot of ladies are true devotees of Victoria Secret, and I know gentlemen who would even form groupies to show their appreciate for the brand (I am not quite sure if this is because of the wonderful and sexy ladies who grace the Victoria Secret catalogue each month).

The main point of this rant/rave/review/ramble is to remind consumers of their responsibility. I have presented the facts; we just have to make a choice.

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