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February 9, 2009

Shopping: the root and cure for Depression

A few weeks ago, I posted that I am so proud of myself for somehow feeling that I have financial independence (jusjust translate financial independence to not asking mom for extra money for my expenses. hehe). But yesterday, it's such an irony that shopping makes me depressed!!

Simply equates that it means deduction on my savings and potential savings. The start of the year is not a good year for my finances. Add to that the post-Christmas shopping and sales. I don't want to think and compute how much I had spent for the last two months.

I opened another savings account with a local bank (BDO) yesterday. I love BDO for some reason that I felt secured and safe with their branches (I prefer banks nestled inside malls). And finally I applied online banking through the bank rep as well (this is an overdue item on my to-do list). I would just have to add my other bank accounts and do online transactions. And I loooove technology.

Temptations are all over the mall. We checked out some clothes in Folded and Hung (which is on sale), and my mom is like a strongest force of peer pressure. I just found myself on the cashier paying for a cute chocolate brown dress. Many years ago, I would have felt nirvana, but then depression is kicking in while we strolled around the mall.

We went home a little later with plastic bags, and more shopping bags. What have I bought? Some nice body washes, snacks and more items. I should have taken an anti-depressant drug!

But after 14-hour sleep, I just came to realize, what good is the money if you are not going to use it? Who cares about financial and global crisis? Shopping and supporting businesses are my own lil way of helping out on this situation (I know it's irrational). Hehe. Bottom line, no matter how hard I conceal and hide it, I still have that shopaholic spirit.

(have I mentioned I still have some online purchases to pay for?)


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