The Master Rapper has Wrapped Up His Life

Although it is somehow expected, I still cannot accept that Francis M has passed away. Indeed the master rapper has wrapped up his life to meet the Master (like what Joey de Leon has composed on his poem he has just made for Francis M).

I will always have respect for the man. I remember singing his songs when I was younger, simply because they are topping the hit chars. But looking back, he really made a difference in the music industry, and how people perceive nationalism.

I never knew him in person, and I cant even remember if I had ever seen him in person, but I know that he’s a good person. We cannot question his passion for music, nationalism and art. He is a photographer, musician, composer and producer. What touches me more than anything else is how he stood up for his friends. I remember Ive read a comment on the Eat Bulaga website bashing Sugar (Im not sure if people would ever recognize her, but she was a Sex Bomb dancer turned comediane). Francis M actually defended Sugar on the post. Isnt it such a sweetheart move?

He will all always be the man. And his wife, Pia will always be the symbol of a fun fearless woman. I just adore the woman. Check out the blog she created for Francis regarding his battle. A happy battle that’s what they call it.

Check out his multiply site to relive the life he lived well.

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