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March 22, 2009

That Facebook Mania

My co-workers are going gaga over Facebook! Everyone is a fan! I remember, it was like a year ago, when my friend invited me, and a few more others sent me invites to register and join.

The site owner must have been earning millions with every registration, and clicks and applications transmitted every second. I am honestly not a fan of social networking sites. I felt that these sites are out there in the cyberworld to invade one's privacy (and it's really up to the user to choose how much information he/she is willing to expose about him/herself).

Anyway, I registered just for the sake of keeping their records online (like an addressbook). Hehe.

I would rather spend my time with the people I love face to face, and in person, than to use every applications available in Facebook.

As much as possible, I never want to spend too much time online.. maybe only if Im shopping, and ranting, and researching. Im actually pissed that uploading pictures on my private album is taking too much time! Grrr..