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April 30, 2009

Not the Perfect Time

Just when I am scouting for a good charm watch bracelet to buy, two of my watches bid goodbyes!

Should I blame my stupidity and clumsiness for these? I feel like a kid when I dropped my 9-year old Guess watch which was a gift from my mom. I know I should have been a little more careful when handling and storing my stuff. I dropped the watch many times like it was made of foam - but this time around, it surprises me with a broken face glass (at least its hands are still moving!). The last time it was broken, it costed me money to fix its mechanics.. I dont know how much they would charge me this time.

And although it is not official, my Folio Watch is missing.. and misplaced. I never want to think a robber stole it from my room. It is one of the simplest watch I know (although it sparkles with diamond).

Now, before I worry about getting a new watch, I need to sort my stuff and look for the old precious.

I hope I have the "time" to sort this..