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April 19, 2009

Shopping Madness

The nearest mall where I live is currently holding a 3-day sale event. Of course, I would never let this event pass. Shopping is fun, but shopping during mall wide sales is the best part of the sport. There isnt much stores housed in this mall, but the screaming red banners and the words 70% OFF! are just like an invitation to heaven.

Right after work, I headed to the mall with mom, armed with my credit card, and debit cards; and some cash. As expected, the whole place is crowded. We just strolled around the mall and the department store. We bought some new curtains made of organza material, 2 dresses for my niece (such a bargain! - I would never visit the kids section again.. I could imagine if I have a kid, I would buy every cute dress and accessories on sale!), a nice top for mom, and a new jersey dress. We bought some kitchen essentials too.

The amount added to my credit card bill, and so I braved the bank queue and paid my last month's charges. $540 was debited from my savings to cover my last month's charges, and here I go again, pilling up on new purchases to pay for next month.

I didn't bother check the shoes store, coz the last time I checked, I got a half dozen shoes still unused in my closet. I skipped the perfume section as well. I have two pending orders for Ralph and Issey Miyake, that another perfume bottle might hurt my budget. Besides, I am not too pleased with attendants who would force their perfume sprays on you. Not the best way to market the product.

Strolling around the mall is fun and scoring the best deal is such a great accomplishment; but I somehow I get used to shopping online, that the long queue to the dressing room irritates me. Add to that, the heavy shopping bags you are obliged to hold while you are being pressed by eager shoppers from every direction.

We settled at Yellow Cab to grab pasta and pizza; and by the time Ive finished my third slice of pizza, that's how I knew I need my bed. Shopping is game over.

But before we hit the exit door, I added a black paper bag (with new pair of pants!) to my hand-carries. I realize I still have 1 energy left to do the game. ;)