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May 1, 2009

Cutest Commercial: Bulilit Camella Homes Commercial

I rarely watch TV, even during weekends (that explains why we dont have cable subscription, but justifies the DSL line). But last weekend I chanced upon this really cute Bulilit commercial for a housing property (Camella Homes - and I hope I will get paid for this advertisment!), and I totally fell inlove with the ad! I actually was able to catch the last part of the commercial, and I just cant help but say "cuuutte!!".

I felt stupid yesterday watching and waiting for that commercial, and I am so happy to know that it is already uploaded in You Tube (I loove technology!). I love it, and so do my parents! I am actually surprised to see comments of praises for this commercial! Haha.

Here is the ad I am raving about..

Isn't it cute? That cute little girl reminds me of my niece! I love the concept, the jingle, the emotions, the casting and the shots! What is so amazing is that it is not more than 1 minute long! The jingle is so catchy, and I am actually having a Last Song Syndrome..

"bulilit.. bulilit.. ang liit, liit.."


I am not surprise if "bulilit" would receive millions of clicks and searches from Google. Out of curiousity, I googled it, and it landed me to list of blogs talking about the Bulilit Commercial.

Wow, seems that Camella Homes has regained its popularity. I remember when I was a kid, my family also hoped for a Camella home. And I wouldnt be surprised that this kid would be the next big child star (does anyone remember, Serena? the "isa pa, isa pang chicken joy" kid). I heard that this cute kiddo is a Going Bulilit (gag show) child star.

I love to have this video on my blog! I can watch it over and over again, without killing myself with sick tv shows just to catch it on tube.