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May 13, 2009

Love Haves? Take the Survey!

I am still amazed at the Havaianas craze that struck Manila. I remember the first time I came across the brand, back in 2000. The elite groups are raving about these slippers which are actually first sold on the sidewalks of Brazil. I remember that a
PEX member once entertained requests to buy Havaianas whenever she would travel to Brazil. And this is just one of the ways then to get a pair of the much-loved slippers. Lucky if you have relatives and friends in US and other parts of the world
who would be more than happy to send you a pair. Funny thought that these slippers are actually sold in malls here in Manila, and it is not an exageration to say that All Flip Flops (store which sells Havaianas) actually have bouncers on their
stores, especially during peak season (big example, Christmas! - Havaianas is the favorite gifts to your sister, brother, little kids, and inaanaks (godchildren)). My sister even proposed a business to supply Havaianas because her friend supplies stocks to Rustan's. I hate to disappoint her, but her proposal was a little too late. Too late that even underground businesses came up with their own Havanas, and Havaiana.

I am personally not a fan of Havainas or Haves (as people call the brand). I must agree that the item is of good quality. Each pair is comfy and does not give you that "sticky" feeling even if your feet are exposed. Maybe I am not just a flip flop fan.

For those who might want a discount, you may want to take this Havaianas Survey. It might take 5 minutes (just a warning). But you will receive a P100 discount text coupon to use on your next Haves purchase.

Enjoy! Spread the love, spread the word.