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May 31, 2009

My New Phone is My Phone

Is anyone familiar with My Phone?

I just bought a unit to use as a phone for commuting, and I am quite impressed with its design and features. The phone only costs around $52 (Php2360) and it is a deal since it comes with cool features such as camera, and fm radio. I hope I can post a picture of the phone, but I am too lazy to take shots and upload (which reminds me, I still have a lot of pics to upload).

Good thing I visited the other store, I am quite decided to buy a Philips phone, or a Motorola from Welcom. But my old Motorola is so hard to use. My Phone has the same key features as Nokia. By the way, the unit is called S21 Slyder.

I usually research about items first before making a purchase, but at this point, out of necessity, I just had to hit the mall and buy a unit. Actually, I was too careless to buy a Samsung phone in Ebay, and when the item was delivered, for some reason it is not working. Such a hassle. The seller is claiming it is working perfectly and that the courier must have mishandled the item. Lesson learned. I wouldn't buy another electronic item online.

Anyway, I am trying to search for relevant reviews regarding this unit, but Google only presented me with ads. I guess this would be the first review to be published regarding the My Phone S21 Slyder.

I can't say much at this point. The unit is so light. Might be mistaken as a thousands and thousands worth. The graphics and animation are good (check out the location clock - comes with a world map). And the camera can take good pictures.

I might rant and rave regarding this unit soon.. and I hope that would be a good review. I never want my money to go to the nearest service center..