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May 6, 2009

Vacation Bummers

With all the flights and hotel rates dropping low, I can just dream of a nice vacation on my two piece and a glass of cold buko juice while enjoying the sun, the sand and the scene. But I can just dream..

Who is not scared of the Swine Flu?! I wish and pray that a cure would be discovered for this dreaded disease. More than the riots and wars in Thailand, this air borne flu would make you think twice of booking a flight. And even if I am thinking of just exploring the nice beaches and places in the country, the weather is more often uncooperative. I wouldnt want to get stranded in a deserted island, or even worry about delayed flights.

And the biggest antagonist of it all, is your Vacation Leave availability.

Sometimes, it is even nicer to stay at home, and enjoy a good book in your room.

Tip, check out Cebu Pacific for low airfare rates. For those who are BDO Gold Card holders, BDO just sent a booklet with listings of its partner hotels and resorts. The discounts and freebies are just so tempting!

We still have a month to enjoy summer!