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June 15, 2009

Traveling with Fashion: New Finds! Cute Ticket and Passport Holders!

My friends can atest that I am a fan and lover of anything "kikay" and girly. I love prints which show the love for bags, shoes, and shopping.. and this set exactly shows my love for such prints! I have bought this passport and ticket holder months ago, but only now I have found time to rant about it.

I have only started my passion to explore the world this year.. (Im actually too jealousy of Anne Curtis who explored Europe for a month!), but having a set such as this is an essential when traveling (or maybe, Im just too kikay to think about that?!). I remember when I had domestic flights, my boarding passes, and tickets are all over my bag together with all the make up palettes, gloss, mirror and what-nots.

I got this product from ConnecttheDots, it is a multiply site/store, and this much explains why I prefer doing the shopping online. You can find lots of unique and practical items you won't see on your local department store. What I love about the site's stuff are the designs and prints. I can always buy leather and plastic passport holders, but I must admit that I do care about fashion. And I picked this design (I was actually on the waiting list, and the seller was too nice to reserve a slot for me and even pinged me once new stocks came in). It's just sad that the passport holder is a little too small to cover the standard Philippine passport. A disappointment. But the seller advised me that they are working on new sizes and she's willing to send me a sample! Yihaaa!!! I hope it is of the same design! ;)

I know the stuff would have been durable if it is covered with plastic (like the Wicked Sistah kits sold in Beauty Bar). It might cost a little, but personally, I am willing to pay more for quality. I could have chosen a design in darker prints, but this design just spells l-o-v-e for me.

Check out the site and find the perfect set for you. Mine would hold my plane ticket to Vietnam come September! ;)

By the way, this is not a paid review or advertisement, but if the seller gives me freebies, that would be great too! ;)