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July 27, 2009

Getting A Lil Too Old for A Night Life?

I slept for 15 hours. If not for the noisy neighbors we have, I could still make a 20-hour sleep.

Last night, technically, Saturday night, I met up with my friends and former coworkers. The funny thing about reunions is that there should always be an endless talks about the funny things that happened in the past. For those who were not present, expect that you guys would be the topic of the group. And we never get tired of bashing the people we never liked. Haha.

It should take a balikbayan friend to visit the country, for us, Philippine strugglers to get together and share the fun.

I hope I can share the pictures here in blogger, but I want to keep this blog anonymous (for the security of my account and my friends' identity too). Just the same, pictures are all over Facebook accounts and plastered in every friend's walls.

Dinner was fine (my friend chose a Filipino themed restaurant somewhere in Tomas Morato), and we went to this place called Gerardo's after. Actually my second time to go to that place. I was a bit surprised with my friend's suggestion. I teased him how he had changed and suddenly hang out in this type of place. But I can never blame him, the place offers cheap bottles. But Im no beer lover, and so I just downed a glass of Kurant Sprite.

I must admit that my body is no longer immune with this type of drink. It was okay, not the usual drink that would kick your system, but I was not hoping to get drunk anyway. Was it just me? Or am I getting old? Suddenly, I never get to appreciate the night life. Im fine staying at home, watching a great movie in my room, or probably just logging in and do online shopping (like what I am doing at this very moment).