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July 15, 2009

Sale Alert: Shopping Emergency

I practically spent my weekend in the malls. I actually missed strolling around stores and every store (I am so used to online shopping and I ditched the fun of malling). I accompanied my mom to the hospital for two days (Saturday and Sunday), and it's a good thing that her doctor houses a clinic in Medical City in Trinoma. We just strolled around while waiting for our turn (mind you, getting sick would make you sicker when going to hospitals and falling in line - imagine sitting in vain with other patients who are coughing and getting sick to get attended).

I was surprised to see much improvement in the SM City. I am not a balikbayan, and I never lived in another country, but I never frequent the place for obvious reasons that there are other finer malls in the city. But to my surprise, SM carries popular US brands such as Mango, Nine West, BYSI, etc.

Then of course, Trinoma - being an Ayala property would never be a disappointment. I can't rant much about the structures and stores because these are already given. What I love most about my two-day mall trip are the banners which screams SALE 70%. And they are plastered all over the stores' glass panels.

Mango: up to 70% off. There aren't much to buy.. same old shirts with MNG prints emblazoned in front. I am never a fan of these types of shirts. For those who are
interested, these are on sale for P295. There aren't much nice pieces left. Dresses are at 50% off which prices start at P1,995. The best buys are the jeans which prices start at P999, and trousers at P599.

Zara: up to 70% off. Tops at P345 made of think cloths and untasteful designs (sorry, this is my blog and I have the right to say whatever I want to say). There are shoes on the rack which sell at P1995 for every pair. Too bad, the store doesn't have my size. Dresses at P1,495 and P1,995 - these are already at 50% off. Though I love the cuts and styles, I have to say pass. My mom can make dresses for me at a cheaper price. ;)

Folded and Hung: end of season sale. Tops at P300 which I think are mass-produced for this event. I have never seen those designs before. Pants are at P300 each as well. I tried on some pairs but they never looked good on me. These are the types which resemble an elephant pants style with suspenders. Other racks offer 10% discounts for new designs and collections.

There are other stores on sale such as Gap (Im not a fan, it's way too expensive here), Top Shop, CMG (they are offering broken sizes shoes at P500) and Promod (there aren't much nice pieces when I checked). But the bottom line, I still went ome with shopping bags on those two days we were at the mall. And Im loving my credit card for saving me from shopping emergencies such as this.