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Being Techie is No Fun When You Have Slow Machines

August 9, 2009

Ive been wanting to upload my pictures from my Nokia phone and scan random pictures but I kept on putting it off because of the hassle. I had to use my laptop to upload the pictures because my desktop (which is running Windows Vista) does not recognize PC suite cable, and same goes for the scanner. What makes it such a hassle is that I have to disconnect some cables to use my LCD monitor with my laptop (since my laptop LCD has gone berserk! and is the very reason we purchased a new desktop pc). I meant to multitask while I am doing the task with my laptop, but for some reason my ethernet is not working and I can’t connect to internet!!! So now, I am halfway through the process.. I saved my pictures and scanned images to USB and I have yet to upload them to Picassa and Facebook.

This is inline with my goal to be more organized. I thought everything is so easy with just a few clicks! But hell, no! especially if you have slow machine! It took me four hours to upload and scan the images. I wonder how people maintain their blogs and how photographer keep their images. Lots of memory I know. And maybe patience too.

I would need to update my pc and buy more memory, but for now, I have to delete unnecessary files and applications to make this work.

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