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August 30, 2009

Marks and Spencer's Multi Way Bra

More than investing on the classics: little black dress, perfect fitting jeans, sexy stilletos and elegant clutch, every girl must have a nice fitting underwear. I have had enough dresses, jeans, shoes and clutches, so I am now scouting for the best brands and style of underwear.

My credit card bill is a living proof of how much I have spent for Victoria Secret undies. And although I adore its models and publicity, I have give a thumbs down on its bra. When we say underwear, it is not meant to be seen right? And I believe that the perfect underwear should give you the lift and confidence you needed to wear whatever ensemble. Oftentimes, and based on my experience, an unfit bra could ruin the whole outfit.

I bought this multiway bra from Marks and Spencer, and I just love, love it! It is perfect for backless and low cut necklines. It comes with elastic plastic straps that you connect at the back strap if you want to use it for backless tops/dresses. And the wonder does work by giving your bust the oommpp.. lift that we all ladies wanted.

Im now in search for the Y-neckline bra for halters.. any suggestions?!