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MegaTrade Hall’s Shoes and Bags Sale

August 16, 2009

When I heared that MegaTrade Hall is holding a mega-sale for bags and shoes, I just have to drag my mom to MegaMall and forget about a peaceful weekend.

We first checked out the stuff in Confetti, and I left the store with 5 new pairs of shoes! I just love, love Confetti, and I every year, I look forward to its anniversary sale.

Then we headed to the MegaTrade A to check out the sale. The venue looks like a warehouse. Boxes of shoes, luggages, slippers, and bags are all over the place, which it made it more fun to do the digging and scoring for great buys. I would have loved to buy a pair of Dupe (at P299 a pair!), but for some reason, they don’t have my size. Grendha’s shoes are at 50% off, but I just don’t like the quality of the shoes/slippers. The plastic material is so heavy, that I first worry about my feet and possible callouses.

Crocs has its own designated place which offers 50% for all items.

I thought of buying a luggage, but my mom gave me a frown face. I just thought I would need a new luggage just incase there is a trip emergency. Samsonite bags are at 50%, other luggages starts from P1,500. Other participating brands include Secosanna, Julia and other local brands.

I wasn’t able to buy any stuff but the experience is good. Just hope there would be another round of this, with more participating brands.

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