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August 8, 2009

Multi-tasking and being OC: Free OC Post-it® OC Sampler Pack

Im juggling work and tasks at this point. Im craving for chips and anything sweet and salty munch, but I just can't leave my desk. I have 25 browser windows opened, and there are 7 for my Mozilla Firefox! I just can't imagine how I am doing this, and I still have time to harvest and plow and play Farm Town!

Test says, Im a Mid-OC:

Organizing is already a part of your daily routine. You have a collection of organizers – bag organizer, closet organizer, make-up organizer, shoe organizer, and of course a notebook organizer. You find joy to find that everything is in its proper place.

I have to agree:
bag organizer - check
closet organizer - check
make-up organizer - check (got loads! planning to buy a traincase!)
shoe organizer - have yet to buy clear boxes
notebook organizer - super check!
OC Post-it® OC Sampler Pack - have yet to claim one!

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