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August 20, 2009

My Imeldific Side Revealed: Shoe Shopping and Collecting

They say that we collect whatever it is that we have been deprived when we were kids.. I never want to believe in that until I realized that there is an Imeldific tendency rushing into my every veins.

I just can't get enough shoes! I feel like I were Cinderella everytime I slip a new pair. And you can't blame me. Growing up, buying shoes is always a struggler. I have such a big size, and everytime we buy shoes, we ended up buying from Kickers or any US brand stores. It would cost my parents thousands of pesos just to buy me a pair. And the worst thing about it, I didn't get to choose whatever style I wanted. Our main mantra is, if it fits, buy it. When we were in a mall, whenenever we see a shoe which fits, we bought it; because it is so rare to find a shoe that fits. I envied those girls who could just grab any shoe on display to fit it and feel it.

So now I am just thankful that alot of stores now are offering big sizes. Thanks to the gay community - my biggest rival! Haha.

Just sharing some of the fab shoes I bought last weekend.

Yellow Shoes which would go best with a plain shift dress

The perfect slip on shoes for me! Goes with anything, dress or pants.

Red shoes for anything elegant and stylish

Funky black wedge shoes

Let's go bohemian!