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August 2, 2009


Another month has passed. Im off to new pages of my planner, and Im not surprised with the number of purchases I listed on my July pages. I just can't stop shopping and shopping! My mom's doctor houses her clinic in a mall, and when I hear the word mall it just equates to shopping! Everytime we go to her doctor, we always go home with shopping bags. Below are some of the new additions to my closet and shoe rack. I bought them from stores and online shops.

velvety sexy black shoes
funky army shoes
flirty dress in old rose
preppy top
dramatic tunic
graphic bracelet
chunky lucite bangle
bead bracelet
omega necklace with locket pendant (just an accessory, nothing expensive)
new lip gloss palettes
skin care set (a must! a must!)
dress watch

And just yesterday, a new color block top (you got it, we went to her doctor!).

I hope I can take pictures of them and share them here.. need to find time, that's the only thing I am lacking of, and sleep too!

I have to wait for my credit card bill for next month. We were just lucky (or should I say, I am unfortunate) that my mom's schedule for ultrasound is in the afternoon; otherwise, I would have raided SM The Block since it is holding its Great Northern Sale. We went there and just strolled around.. Mango is still on sale, I meant to buy new pairs of jeans, but I never liked the fit of the styles. Saw some nice shoes in So Fab, but I would have to say no at this point because my mom might just have a heart attack with the number of shoes I haven't worn yet. Checked out some clothes in Forever21, but as expected, the store is selling tiangge-bought tops to mix with the authentic Forever21 pieces.

I have to save my energy and money for this month. I am itching to buy a pair of boots and nice funky jackets. Let's check out Ebay..