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September 16, 2009

Flap Jack's: Overpriced and Overrated

We just had breakfast at FlapJack's and all I can say is, it is a disappointment.

If not for the free mobile coupon that we got, I wouldn't have invited my friends to eat breakfast at this place. First off, the food is overpriced and not worth the money.

There were four of us in the group, and two of us have a mobile coupon worth Php250. We asked the server if it's okay to use the coupon, and she said yes, but it should be one coupon per table (which is quite unfair since it has never been noted in the online site). We begged if we could use both coupons since there were four of us, she excused hereself and asked the manager. When she came back, she was firmed that it is only one coupon per table. From the manager's point of view, this is such a wrong move for a marketing campaign. What I was thinking is that the manager is aiming for higher sales for that particular transaction. But honestly, his/her move disappointed all of us. Maybe the store could get additional Php250 worth of sales for not letting us use the other coupon, but they lost four probable repeat businesses from us, and a positive word of mouth (what have they gained? a bad review from my blog!).

Anyway, I ordered a set menu which is a Breaded Chicken with Cheese meal (which comes with free soup and fruits dessert - originally should be Fruit Cup from Del Monte, but they served me fresh fruits cup), it costs around P197, but this can't be used for the coupon. Fine. One ordered a chocolate filled pancake - 3 layers (Php245) and two ordered Tocilog (Php285).

Have I mentioned that the food server is not the most witty and attentive server that morning? I have to repeat my order, over and over before she could jot it down.

Meals were served and our verdict: Nothing special. The Breaded Chicken with Cheese is bland, if not for the sauce. Tocilog is like every tocilog in town. I wonder if they use Pampanga's Best? Tastes exactly the same. And as for the pancake? I would still go for Crepes d' France. Although it didn't give me a rough feeling in my mouth, a little more chocolate sauce and toppings would prompt me to give them a two thumbs up.

We only get to enjoy the experience because of the topics that we discussed over breakfast. I just wish that if stores would come up with promos such as this, they would prepare their stores and staff to accommodate requests and answer questions.
Am I so mean about my review? I guess not. I am just expecting alot since Flap Jack's is a shared holding of Itallianis and Friday's - and these two stores equate good dining experience. But for Flap Jack's it's not.