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Gyne Experience and Women Worries

September 13, 2009

Yesterday I went to see an OB-Gyne. For the record, I am not pregnant. I just worry about my body and decided to have a check up.

First tip, don’t bring your mom with you. The doc will ask very private questions, and I am sure you wouldn’t want them discussed with your mom behind you. Do I have choice? No. But since I am living a celibate life for years now, I don’t need to worry. My answer to the very simple question – “may contact na?”, is a simple Yes.

Anyway, my gyne asked me to lie down so she could check me up. Second tip, trim/shave/wax if needed. Although going to an OB-Gyne is a professional intent, you still wouldn’t want to surprise your doctor.

She used this gadget to open me up, and I was cursing. This is not the way I imagine it to be re-divirginized! All the while my mom is verbally imagining and discussing how painful it must have been – and I was like – “I know, right?”, and I wish you would stop. It is not helping me.

The doctor asked me to relax, and it is comforting to know that my muscles are still working. Working perfectly fine.

After that procedure, I can barely stand up. But more than the pain I have experienced, I am much more worried about the result of the papsmear. Sometimes, I wish I were a guy – then I wouldn’t need to worry about PMS, papsmear, cervical cancer and the like. At least, there is only one dreaded experience of circumsition.. and it is done.

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