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October 19, 2009

I am an Imelda. Amen

They are no Choo's, or Loubotin's.. but I am loving my pairs!

They occupy 1/4 of my bedroom's area, and I wish I have a walk-in closet or a shoe closet to store them. Think of Rebecca Bloomwood in the The Shopaholic. They say we collect whatever it is that we have been deprived when we were younger, and I have to agree on that. Growing up, I was never given the choice to choose the designs that I wanted; because I have such a big size. Our motto back then: whatever fits, I have to buy it. Who cares about the design? Who cares about the price?

Most of them are not yet used and just stored inside their boxes. They may rot without experiencing my catwalk, so I have to find a time and event to use them. Here are some of my favorites.

This one is still unused. I have to call it, the bedroom shoes. Yes, it's the type you use with your lover in bed. Go figure.

This one I bought as an impulse buy, and I have no regrets. I was just at the mall with my mom, and I ordered my size, and the next thing I know, I was at the cashier paying for it. This is for the rocker, casual type. And I love it.

This one, I have only used once together with the black and white dress. Alot of people cannot appreciate polkadots; but this pair changed the way I perceived the design. I love it too.

I also love that yellow shoes (it's just weird the pic didn't upload correctly when I uploaded the pics). Not used yet, and I am still in search of a perfect ensemble to wear it with.

Any suggestions?