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October 28, 2009

I Won! I Won!

I know this is an addiction. Reasons are below:

1. I just paid my credit card bill. Don't ask me for the amount, but it is 5 figures.
2. I have new stuff on shipment and scheduled to arrive within this week. One will be arriving at home and the other to my office (I don't want my mom questioning all the packages arriving at our doorstep).
3. I have new dresses arriving from the US. Will expect them next month. And I am talking about 8 dresses here.
4. There's still one online purchase I have yet to pay.
5. Countless shopping bags in my closet with shirts, dresses, tops, and shorts I have bought from my unscheduled mall visits.
6. See below:

I just have to log on and check the item, and I won! I just can't let my highest bid work for me. I only do this if I really, really love the item and that I know I wouldn't get a good night sleep without knowing I got it.

God, I loooove shopping!!!