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October 8, 2009

On Categorizing Men..

I have this big crush on this really, really nice guy. He's not the bad boy type that I always lust for, but he's the goody-two shoes type. He's the exact opposite.

I may sound like a guy for categorizing men, but that's one of the idea of gender equality, right? There are types which are for Crushes. They are the boy toys. They look great, they have great smiles, and they are the goody-two shoes. And they are the ones who I don't want to sleep with (this is true). They look so nice that undressing and caressing them never crossed my mind. They are the ones I would love to spend afternoon's at the park with. They are the ones who simply amuse me. And my biggest crush falls under this category.

Then, there goes the Bad Boys. The bad boys for me are strong, conceited men. They come in to strong and I sometimes hate their guts. But I love them. Why? When bad boys do something really nice and sweet, that is totally unexpected, and that hits like a strongest cupid's arrow. And for me, bad boys carry this "beddable" appeal, so they have to be good in bed. No excuses! Will I fall for a bad boy? Big YES!

Then of course, there goes the Hotties! They are the ones which are close to Bad Boys, but their presence just only got me thinking about bed and the things you do in the bedroom. Period.

After writing this post, I totally feel like a guy.. well, I always think like a guy.. and sometimes I hate it, for it ruins the feminine side of me.