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November 4, 2009

On Multiway Tops and Dresses

I have this love and flair for multiway pieces.. Multiway means a top or a dress which you can wear in different styles. I think I have 3 multiway tops (in black, white and hot pink) and 1 multiway dress which is the new addition to my wardrobe.

Why am I investing so much on these pieces? Actually, one top or dress is enough in every woman's closet. I just recently got addicted to multiway's. A multiway top in a classic color can be worn on any occasion. As a halter, backless, bat-winged top, knotted-strap halter, braided back or venus top.

Who would know you are wearing the same top or dress that you have worn on the last week's party? Unless you revealed your secret, the only give-away is the top or dress color.

Then there comes the accessories. Play with chunky necklaces, or loud earrings; and voila! A whole new look.

Just sharing the new multiway dress that I bought online.

Do you want something like this?

Check out Victoria Secret and fall inlove to the Ruched Convertible Dress.