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December 29, 2009

Disney on Ice 2009: A Two Thumbs Up for Mickey and Friends and the Incredibles!

Watched Disney on Ice last night at the Araneta Coliseum and I felt like a child again. I was able to watch Holiday on Ice when I was still a kid but the experience yesterday is just so different. Maybe because I have my nephew and niece with me that seeing how happy and excited they were adds to my own excitement. The announcement that the show will begin in 5 minutes brought chills and excitement to the audience, no kidding!!

The show has a story line and it is not just the usual figure skating event. The show will run until January 3, 2010 and I do not want to be a spoiler for those who will be watching.

I have read somewhere that food and drinks will not be allowed inside so I asked a little favor from Coffee Bean Gateway if it is possible if we could just leave our food to the store. The manager, Gef is being so sweet and he agreed. Thanks to him. We left our baggages (toys, clothes and gifts that we bought) to the baggage counter at the Araneta Coliseum.

When we got inside, we realized that the security did not even bother to check on our bags; and my mom wanted to kick herself for not keeping the food. It's not that we are hungry, we had a very heavy meal in the afternoon that I didn't worry about my stomach; it is just that food inside are sold twice their original price (pop corn at Php70, fries at Php70, snow cones at Php450 with Stitch mug, cotton candy at Php350 with Incredibles mask). I was thinking if we should buy the memorabilia, but getting the best seats for the show is enough. We could always buy Disney toys in the mall. By the way, the story line book is being sold at Php270 at the entrance. Please say hello to the old man who is manning the booth, he is nice and he speaks Tagalog.

We brought our camera and we took some pics. Some even brought their tripods. I have read somewhere that professional cameras are not allowed, but a show as nice as Disney on Ice is something that should be captured and shared to the public (think Youtube, think Marketing).

The show is super nice! The lightings, the effects and casts and every moves! You practically would not know where to focus because every character, and supporting role is just so wonderful that few mistakes, and wrong turns would not matter and would not be that obvious. I personally love the Incredibles! They are indeed incredible and each skater fits the character.

Now, let me upload the pictures and videos. I want to relive the moment..