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December 13, 2009

Wish List

Christmas Party and Kris Kringle time again. I was thinking I got nothing to list on my wish list this year. I was thinking I could practically buy anything that I wanted; and then it hit me! Why not ask for items which are on my least priority list.

Cosmopolitan Subsciption

I was thinking of asking for another Cosmopolitan subscription. The same gift I asked last year, and my "mother" generously provided. I am always a fan of Cosmo magazine since I was 16 years old (that was like 11 years ago?!) and subscribing to a magazine is like receiving a gift every month. This year, I always got excited whenever I will hear the doorbell and the mailman will hand me my magazine copy. The best part is that it comes with freebies (coffee samples, napkin samples, etc..) and I got to read the magazine before the issue is even released to the magazine stores.

Watch Case

What I really wanted at this point is a new watch. Charms watch to be specific, but only a lover will be willingly give an expensive item such as that. Remember, budget for exchange gifts is only Php500 ($10). You can go higher, but never lower.Then, I remember the watch case I saw in SM Department store months ago. I was itching to buy it then, but will power stood out. I-will-no-longer-shop! So I thought I would ask for that. My lovely friend found out that I wanted one and she said she'll buy one for me. Actually, the item is already out of stock in SM when I checked this morning.. and my friend did text me saying the same item is also out of stock in another SM store; but she did buy one for me from a different store. How sweet can she be? I can probably erase this from my list!

This is not the exact case I wanted. I actually wanted a long case with glass cover. I always misplace my watches, that I thought getting a watch case is practical.

Bra Holder

Months ago, I saw this beautiful case in SM, and landed to a multiply site which also sells the same case. My first thought: This is love! This is fab! I got to have it! But my new mantra is I-will-no-longer-shop! So I dismissed the idea of swiping my credit card, or ordering online. But that doesn't mean I can't have one right? I can wish and ask for it.

Necklace Holder

Two years ago, I came across a multiply site which sells doll/mannequin necklace holders. I fell inloved with it, but the price stopped me from ordering. It costed around Php1500 then ($25) for pre-ordering. Then these beautiful mannequin necklaces came back into my life with different attitudes and style. Ballerina. Rockstar. Geisha. Everything fashionista. I got tons of holders and boxes to store my accessories; but owning one would be perfect in my newly designed room. ;)

Red Lava Lamp

Read. It has to be RED, as in Bloody Red. There is something so sensual and sexy about red. Red is my favorite color. I love red dresses. I love red shoes. I love anything red (except of blood!); and resting and nesting in a dim-lit room with a red spotlight is just -oh-so-romantic! A simple room can transform into a comforting nest. Not that I have someone to share the room with. Not now, but maybe next year? ;)

Now, im off to wrap my presents. ;)