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January 12, 2010

After Party Party

After the kid's birthday party, we went straight to Richmonde hotel where my friend is staying. Hennessy is waiting for us. We downed four shots each and we went straight to the steamed pool to take a dip.

Fun. fun. fun. Hotel's pool schedule is such a spoiler, we closed the facility at 9PM.

We went back to the room and downed more shots of alcohol. Two more friends came and I know alcohol is already kicking my brains (and stomach). The last conversation I had is my friend, Nellie. We were talking about a guy in a restaurant who we worked with. We're searching through our brains trying to remember the guy's name (I know, it is not Marvin!).

And the next thing I know, I am kissing the hotel's basin.

I slept for 7 straight hours and I got a sore eye on the left eye.

Could it be the Hennessy or the chlorine?

All I know it was fun.