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January 2, 2010

Calling All BDO Credit Card Holders: Free Brownies from Brownies Unlimited

Just claimed two boxes of assorted brownies from Brownies Unlimited. Saw the POP that says BDO cardholders are entitled to 1 box of 1 dozen assorted brownies for every Php3,000 worth accumulated receipt. Minimum charge per receipt/transaction should be Php1,000. I am not certain on the transaction date, but should be between November 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 I think.

I checked the BDO website for this promo and it is not listed on the site. But just the same, I searched through my receipts and found my charge slips.

I thought I could get 3 boxes. I submitted 3 receipts; 1 worth Php1,000, the other is Php2,000 something, and the other is worth Php6,000. I thought my Php6,000 charge slip could get me 2 boxes, but no, even if I charge Php10,000, I will only get 1 box.

I still have a few charge slips here which I am saving for next week. My nephew and niece are ecstatic, but I worry about diabetes and toothache. Let's save some for the rainy days. ;)