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January 5, 2010

Fashion Forecast for 2010

Yet again I did a closet clean up last weekend and it is true that I only get to use and wear 40% of my wardrobe. The remaining 60% consist of clothes which I have not worn for the last year, clothes which are soon to be worn, clothes which are awaiting a special occasion to be worn, clothes which are still new complete with tags and paper bags.

It's a brand new year and stylistas are on the look out for the new trends for 2010. I have learned my lesson. No more impulse buys on the one-hit pieces. I can never go wrong with classics paired with few stylish accents. I have seen a lot of Lady Gaga inspired clothes. That fashion I am not sure if I can pull off.

Boy Shorts and Hot Pants

Well I guess ladies are getting more and more daring. Time to show off those legs. Shorts had been a wardrobe staple. We see ladies in shorts at parties, and events; not just at the beach.

The Boyfriend Blazer

I personally love this piece. A masculine look under a cute mini dress, or tank top and jeans. Bet, the much-hated paddings will soon come back! Dread not!

Future Warrior Trend

Metal plating, tunics; especially in leather, chain-mail inspired detailing, and tribal inspired motifs. Will see alot of them in boutiques, designer shops and tiangges.


This fashion piece will stay. I personally love jumpsuits! The only thing that is keeping me from wearing it is the hassle of dressing up and practically undressing when you need to use the washroom.

Torn Jeans

I don't think the boyfriend rolled-up jeans had been a big hit here in Manila? Probably not alot are brave to wear such. Besides, it is not the most flattering jeans for the butt. The picture above shoes the two must see trends this year. Boyfriend blazers in Lady Gaga inspired fashion (and I have just mentioned the paddings!) with torn jeans. Just get your old skinny jeans and do some art with sharp razor and you are good to go.