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I Just Received a BDO Virtual Card

January 18, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I was surprised by the loud knocking outside, and there was an impatient mailman looking for Ruth (my surname here). Right. She’s right infront of you. Not quite convinced, he requested for my ID. Now, this should be serious. I saw the envelope with BDO logo. Alright, I know that it is not my monthly bill. I am expecting it to arrive next week. When I got the envelope (delivered by an unknown courier), I know there is a card inside. Knowing BDO, I was thinking of BDO rewards card or maybe another SM Advantage card.

But the envelope says “Are you ready to shop online?”. Hell yeah, who are you talking to? I’ve been shopping online since 2007! Ok, so when I opened the envelope, BDO graciously offered me a BDO Virtual Card. I have heard about this before. They have it in other countries. A special credit card which you only use for online transactions. Am I one of the few credit card holders who have received this type of card? Did BDO base it on my previous billing statements?

I searched the net for relevant topics about BDO Virtual Card, but it only landed me to a twitter post announcing the receipt of the same card. BDO‘s website is not even updated yet.

Anyway,  it is a card (literal card), with different credit card number and verification digits specific for online shopping (nope, it cannot be swiped!). This is for extra protection for online shopping (as we know, unsecured sites can hack our credit card information and use our accounts). The BDO Virtual Card does have a credit limit (which is more than half of my credit limit). Note that it is tied with my credit line.
It says that it is free as long as I keep my credit card active and current.

To be honest, I am quite impress with BDO for coming up with such a card. Plus, there is no need for customers (like me) to line up and enroll for this. Two thumbs up.

Now, I’m thinking of using and testing this Virtual Card.. Let’s try Sephora..

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