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January 12, 2010


What really happens during reunions?!

First, people will ask how you are doing today.. where do you work, what's your status.. where have you been, who have you seen..

Second, people will talk about the past.. past booboos.. experiences.. the reason why you almost did not march during graduation, the teachers you never like.. and the classmates you love to hate

Third, people will bid goodbyes and ask when the next reunion or get-together will be.

Basically that's it. A few pictures here and there (actually not a few!). Count the number of attendants and count one camera for each (well, I have a friend who brought two cameras!).

This is exactly the scenario last Sunday. We attended our friend's kid's 7th birthday party. She's lucky that they went home in Manila almost the same schedule and we were able to see each other.

Now I am just waiting for tagged photos in Facebook.