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February 28, 2010

Clinique Happy-To-Go Stick Perfume

I got this perfume from a balikbayan friend from US last December. The pouch consists of 3 pencils/crayons with scents of Clinique Happy. And I meant, true scents.

Pencils marked as a wealth of flowers, a hint of citrus, and clinique happy; and I am not disappointed.

Although I am a big fan of Kenzo, I can't deny that Clinique is also a crowd's favorite. The best thing about this perfume packaging is that it is perfect for travelers. I bought one stick during our trip in Bohol two weeks ago. Kept it in my handcarried bag and I don't need to worry about security and baggage regulations (we all know how strict airport personnels are in terms of liquids and flammable items).

You know how I felt being naked without perfume and I always have to bring one. I applied and rolled at the back of my ears, wrists and neck, and the scent lasts whole day (even til the morning after).

I am not sure if this is already available in Manila, but it is currently sold in Nordstrom.