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March 1, 2010

Bikini-Shopping During Winter, Boots-Shopping At Summer!

Three weeks ago, I was looking for a decent and nice fitting two piece to bring on my Bohol trip. I was not successful. I searched through every known store local and international brands (I found few pieces at Cinderella, but I never liked the styles).

I have one packed for the trip, but I know that we would dip more than once; and I am the type who never want to have my pic taken wearing the same clothes, for this matter, the same bikini.

I got a Merona 2 piece from an online store and a Christian Audigier set. The same one in the Mercendez fashion show. You got it!

So I brought 3 sets during my trip. I was so unlucky that the 6 sets I bought from Victoria Secret are yet to arrive today (care of my friend, Leslie).

Calendar marked March and stores are now dressing, or should I say undressing their mannequins. Clad in 2 pieces and malliots, I am now overwhelmed with the new styles of bikinis!

The irony of it all, when girls are going gaga over bikinis, I am now so ready for the rainy season. Just bought black boots yesterday. And I love it!