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March 6, 2010

Evidence of the Crime (Shopping!)

My room is a chaos!

I still have bags and paperbags of the items I recently bought. Swimsuits, make-up, new dresses, and shoes! I keep on denying that I am a shopaholic.. that I have dresses and clothes kept inside my closet still with tags and never worn; that I have bags and purses and clutches that I have never used; that I have make-up which I have only tested once; that I have shoes which await to be worn. If there are things I keep inside my closet, it is not a skeleton, but evidences of my crime! Shopping. I haven't mentioned yet the graphic dress I bought online which is currently on shipment, and the lace dress I have yet to pay.

I have been busy the whole week, and I haven't gotten a chance to keep the new purchases inside my closet. So every morning (or should I say, every night when I wake up) and everytime I walk inside my room from work, these cute big shiny paperbags greet me..  (actually the bag which contains my new swimsuits I ordered some months ago - I just kept inside my closet to save me some space in my very small room).

I had two realizations. First, I have to keep the evidences of my crime. Read, shopping!!! Second, seeing all the paperbags and bags, and couriers' packages scattered on your room would make you realize that shopping is not just bad for your credit card and finances, but also kills your room's ambiance!