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On a Saturday Night: FunShots Photobooth and Taverna Verde

April 11, 2010

I never realized that realizing you were late for a meeting/event beats the caffeine in that dark blend coffee and noisiest alarm clock! I woke up at 6 PM for an event which starts at 6. I got to the venue at 8:30 PM. Thanks to the crowd, traffic, taxi driver and that unknown convention center where the event was held.

Not much to expect. I never liked the food and the music. The best part is the Fun Shots photobooth. It sooo reminds me of Neo-print (remember college?), but this one is just better! It’s getting to be the “in” thing nowadays for weddings and party souvenirs. Besides who would want another swan? bell? cd? soap set as give-away? I guess this photobooth thing will soon replace photographers who took guests’ pics at the wedding/party receptions and display their shots at the hall’s entrance for a price of Php100. Even glamourizing the pic, you can have your pic taken with the event’s tarp as your background (think of Oscars, MTV event, and Fashion Week). Then wear those crazy, fun hats and wigs (think of TGIFridays!). Drama and fun!

Closing time at 10:30, I headed to MetroWalk to meet a friend. We went to Taverna Verde – this place right in the corner of J. Vargas and Meralco Avenue). We stayed at the smoking area, which is at the second floor.  It reminds me of our roof-top. The place is homey with couches and umbrellas (I wonder how do they operate during rainy season?) less the loud people. I can only hear Lady Gaga and other trance music blaring from the speakers which is above my head.

Being the glutton that I am, I ordered Penne San Miguel and Bacon Cheeseburger pizza. My friend ordered Salpicao. What can I say? The food so much reminds me of my mom’s specialties! (translate: D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!). I am not disappointed.

I had Cosmo Passion just to get alcohol this weekend, with a few sticks of ciggy. Talked about the Hong Kong trip and bash the people who likes hanging out at cheap bars (we are not mean, but we just don’t dig it). My weekend is good.

Thanks to my friend for shouldering the bill. It’s at Php980 for the two of us. Not bad. Next time (I hope it’s soon) will raid another place, and I’ll sure bring my camera. Pics not for Facebook, but for my Food Blog.

Photo for Taverna courtesy of Thank you.

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