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May 14, 2010

Been Gone.. I am Back - with Purchases!

I missed blogging...

My blog, you have missed alot about my life. I have been through heartaches, failures, disappointments, shopping spree and fun.

Now I am back..

And let's talk about shopping again! My favorite topic in this blog.

I went to SM before heading home to find a gift for the wedding I will be attending tom. But what I have bought are gifts for myself! I am not planning it, but the store is calling me - SHOES!

Here are my new purchases.

The wedge pair is just so beautiful and I know I have to buy it!

The aquamarine.. well, I needed it to go with my dress tomorrow.. So it has to go inside the shopping bag.

Am I happier? Yeah, just for a few minutes. Then realization kicks in, I have to pay my credit card due on the 28th, and I already have charges waiting for me on June's billing. The amount I have to pay for that 5-day vacation.

Have I mentioned I bought a new phone (MyPhone) too? A commuter phone since the one I was using (ETouch) is not functioning well. This is a rare time when you get a new phone and you don't feel excited on twitching and exploring its functions.

Now, I am off to bed for a stronger and driven working woman that I am.

(But let me just fit the shoes again, and adore them.. ;) )