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A Roll of Tissue and Hankies Please.. (Heartbreak Station)

May 17, 2010

I just made a biggest mistake in a tech world. I have deleted a folder thinking I have already uploaded the files in Picassa. Actually those are text messages I have saved through camera (using Macro setting). I was feeling a little sentimental and I have decided to copy everything some 3 weeks ago before going on vacation.

I just realized I have not uploaded everything and the thought of going through all the messages in my phone just to copy everything makes me sick. I would spend another 3 hours going through all the messages. There are 1,000 ++!!!

Just when I thought I am so ready to move on..

I guess I would need a roll of tissue and some nice hankies.

Speaking of hankies, just sharing these Armando Caruso hankies I had bought.

Just love the designs!

Been using Armando Caruso since I was in grade school.

And until now, my mom would go ballistic if I lose a hanky.. I wonder how would she react if she finds out her daughter loses the love of her life..

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