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A Wedding and A Heartbreak

May 15, 2010

Attended friends’ wedding this afternoon (friends’ because the bride and groom are both close to me).

The wedding is not a disappointment, imagine they only had 3 months to prepare. The best part of course, is the photo booth. It beats the usual figurine, dove-like giveaways that are so 1980s.

I was the unlucky one who would get married next. I am talking about the bouquet-garter thingy. The couple set up all the single ladies and gents who are close to them for a “special photoshoot” as the emcee had said, and the last thing I know, he was announcing that we are now officially part of the game.

To make a long-story short, I lose the game and I got my pic taken with that white satin garter on my left leg and a guy on his knees. I have to thank myself for wearing nice shoes that night! A few more minutes, and I was standing next to the bride and groom, with that unfortunate guy on my left, and I was holding this flower bouquet for a photo shoot.

Priests, pastors, and ministers are busy announcing “I now pronounce you man and wife..“, and I have a couple of friends who had said their parts of “I do’s“.. Suddenly, it gives me pictures of how I want my wedding to be. It is weird, and I hate it. They said little girls always dream of their weddings, but I did not when I was younger. So these thoughts just make me sick, and I have to think, “erase, erase.. delete.. backspace.. CTRL ALT DELETE”..

.. especially at this time, when the person I so wanted to spend my life with (though I am not thinking forever yet) makes me feel that he never wanted me in his life.

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