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June 17, 2010

Better Use for Menstrual Blood Based on Studies

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before my first period came, I have heard an old-wives tale that says in order for a woman to get a young glowing skin, she must use her very first menstrual blood to wash her face.

I am not certain if there has been truth on that. I have never met someone who had done that (I wonder if skin products model did). Today, with the advancement of technology, a new study shows that menstual blood may benefit stroke patients.

I have read the 'Stem Cells and Development' article entitled Menstrual Blood Cells Display Stem Cell–Like Phenotypic Markers and Exert Neuroprotection Following Transplantation in Experimental Stroke which is just interesting.

The study claims that menstrual blood may soon be the best source of adult stem cells. I have to agree on such claim, although I am not a scientist and an expert. But the beauty and the gift of a woman to conceive a baby represents that the uterine lining is capable of producing healthy stem cells. The study aims to prove that menstrual blood may be a good source of stem cells as a cure for people who suffered from stroke, and other nervous system disorders.

Although the study is still under a discussion with scientists and experts, it is good to know that knowledge and technology advancement are playing a big part in finding ways to cure serious health diseases such as diabetes; breast cancer and even as light as wound-healing.

I personally would want to take part on this and do a little act of kindness. Besides, it's a better feeling to save someone's life than make a sanitary napkin company richer! Read more about C'elle in 'Medical News Today'.

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