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Forever 21 is Opening in Manila on July 2nd! But I Can’t Wait No More, I Ordered Online!!!!

June 25, 2010

Ok. I did it again. I just processed my order from Forever21. After a week of online window shopping and playing with my cart, I had made up my mind and submitted my order.

I just found yesterday that Forever21 is opening a store in Megamall on July 2nd. Yes, the real Forever21! We are aware that there used to be Forever21 stores which carry some Forever21 items (which I think were just bought from US and Korea) and other “generic” clothes I also see in the flea market (marked with Forever21 tags). Obviously not the authorized Forever21 shop.

Yesterday, I had convinced myself that I would not push through with my online order and just wait for the store opening. BUT, when I checked my shopping cart, I found out that some of the items had been removed and had been sold! With no guarantee that the items I wanted online would be available here in Manila, I made a final decision. Besides, I have to take advantage of the items on Sale.

Here are the items on my Shopping Cart:

Romantic Lace Back Top
But I actually ordered Cream.

 Tiered Ruffle Skirt
The first time I saw it, I fell inloved with it, and I know I have to have it!

    Slub Round Neck Tee
I love basic tees and I find it hard to buy the best ones which are perfect fit for me (I got a long figure, and the ones sold here are like baby tees). I love F21 and WetSeal’s plain tees!
Ruched Sleeve Knit Top

Love the basics! And I love this style too!
I ordered two! Black and White!
No-Show Dress Tapes
What good is a dress/top if you can’t wear them with confidence?! I am in search of cheap dress tapes and nip tapes here in Manila, but the Hollywood tapes are just so expensive. So this one has to go in my cart.. 
Celebrity Nail Files
I just find it cute, and I realized I need new nail files. I wish to get the one with a RockStar print on it, but I am no rockstar.. I am more of a starlet! Hahaha.

Animal Chic Wallet
I hate bulky wallets that they eat too much space in my bag! I currently use a coin purse (animal print too) which I got from H&M as a coin purse and wallet (bills, receipts holder). For my cards, I use an old cigarette case. I think this one is the perfect fit for my liking!
Pocket Lip Gloss Palette
I looove loooove lip gloss palettes! I even have some at home which are nearing their expiration dates but I know I have to buy these cute palettes (what, for $1.99 each, steal!!!).
Diamond Lip Palette

This one I have to give to someone. 
Total damage is only $62.08 (includes tax and shipping fee to US). That’s less than Php3,000, and who says money can’t buy happiness?! I am happy right now. Sooo happy and high!

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