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June 4, 2010

It Was In Our Hands.. Let It Be In Your Hand

Is there really hope for the country?

I tune in to the news every night but I am not very keen about what's happening in the country today. I did my part last May 10.. and here is a new man who would take over the country. I cannot say that through his term I would feel safer walking in the dark streets at night.. I cannot say I will get a higher pay every month.. I cannot say there wouldn't be any beggars in the streets asking for food, or money to buy drugs. I am not being pessimist, but that's the reality of life. People are screaming for "change".. Ironic that change is the only constant thing in the world, but it seems that this situation that our country is currently in will stay until the next few years, until scientists declare the end of the world.

History will tell how good a president is, but this time let's make a history in the cyberspace and share our suggestions and wishes to the new administration. What's on my mind..? I hope that the new government will be more fearless. Fearless in taking risks, in admitting mistakes, in putting people who should be put in jail, in helping those who really need, and in taking critisisms. Fear no one but only God.

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