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June 1, 2010

Loving Vimeo

My PC is complaining with tons of files saved in my hard-drive. I got pictures from vacations, pictures of my items I have purchased  and have yet to share, pictures from vacations, and more pictures from vacations. Forgot to mention I have also stored videos which mainly eat my struggling 4gb free storage space.

Being sentimental that I am, I just can't let go most of the pictures and move them straight to trash bin. Actually I even have some files in the bin which I can't just empty (talks about being sentimental).

Thanks to Picassa for keeping most of my pictures. Of course I have Facebook in which I only share selected pictures. For video storage, I am loving Vimeo. The site gives me 500 MB free space every week and 1 HD video to upload. So if I meet the limit of 500 MB in a week, I have yet to wait for the following week to reset my allowable space. Not bad. Considering the service is free.

What I love most about it is that it can store your videos privately. I have nominated passwords for all the videos I have uploaded and I have confirmed that the passwords are only sent to the people I shared the videos with.

I can even link Flikr pictures to set as a video thumbnail. Users can create albums to organize their videos (say, Family, Friends, Travel, etc).

Uploading  is easy with just few clicks. The site uploads any type or format of videos. Note that free membership has 30-minute wait time for viewing newly uploaded videos. What I do is just upload and save and upload videos, and just watch them at a later time. Have I mentioned that buffering has never been an issue in this site?

I'll give the site a two thumbs up, and even a few dollars to upgrade my membership!