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New in the Market: Men’s Concealer Stick

June 28, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of The Men Pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

How we hate that red bump standing out like a star in our face just when we have a big event to attend – a wedding, YOUR OWN wedding, a presentation in the office, Prom night, or a date with a hot dude. Lucky we are girls, we have the most loved foundation as base and concealers to spot-correct acne attacks.

I am not certain if you know any guy (a hubby, a partner, Significant Other, your friend) who once borrowed your face powder, or concealer to cover a blemish, an acne, scar or moles.

That may be the very reason a Men’s Concealer Stick was created.


You may find it weird, but mens makeup exists! This concealer comes in 17 different shades.

This innovation would help men regain their confidence by making them feel good about themselves. The stick is so small that it could fit into one’s pocket or car compartment.

Now women need not worry about sharing their concealers with men; and men need not be conscious about using makeup such as concealer. They also deserve the pampering and primping that we women are entitled to. I would not be surprised if malls would soon come up with section such as mens cosmetics.

I wonder what would be on display!? A blusher? A base foundation? Eyeliner (which rockers and metalheads are currently using!), Eye shadow palettes? Lipglosses (already in the market!), Nail polishes? (black for metalheads!!) and maybe themed-razors. It may be a funny thought, but at least it saves us the trouble of thinking of the best gift for our Significant Others, and guy friends – there would be a mens cosmetics section; and in there you should fine the Men Pen.

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