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June 13, 2010

Watch Those Watches (Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Collection)!

The thought of watches excites me! I loove watches, and I love collecting them. It could be my love for accessories that made me fall inlove with this great piece that is not just worn for a purpose but also shows fashion sense.

I remember a friend who always checks what kind of watch a guy is wearing that first time she meets him. She told me the kind of watch he wears says much about a guy. Well, I would say you can say a lot of good things if you would visit the Victorinox Swiss Army website.

The collection is dedicated to our knights-in-shining armor, prince charmings, and Adonises. Sometimes, I think that being a man has its own disadvantages. Take for example the limited choices for watches. I love being a woman as I can wear a bangle watch, a leather-strap watch, a charms watch, or even a slap watch. But the Victorinox Swiss Army watches give every man the best choices for watches.

I am impressed with the collection, and I personally fell inloved with this piece.

The silver band is just classic and the black face gives it a little sophistication. This would make a perfect gift this Father's Day. We know how fathers love anything simple, less complicated and durable.