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June 13, 2010

The World is My Catwalk

I was trying some of the items I have bought (but never worn), and my mom found me infront of a mirror - just adoring the dresses, and yes, myself.

She then told me I should pursue modelling. Honestly, it is a little too late. I told her I am too old for that but she said I might still get lucky and find myself on a ramp.

I wanted to tell her I would have wanted, but ten years ago, she put me in a house-arrest after she found out I was going out (and getting physical) with a guy. She even slammed the phone down to another co-model who was waiting for me at the backstage.

I hate to think my mom wanted to live a glam life, but maybe, she is just so proud of me.

I don't need such profession to do the ramp. The world is my catwalk.