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July 11, 2010

Chuvaness.com's Crazy (Lotto-like) Contest!

If you have not heard about www.chuvaness.com's online contest at least by yesterday, where were you?!

Per the contest rule, all Filipino residents can join the contest and wait for the stats meter to show 8,888,888. If you were the unique visitor who have gotten such figure, you should have gotten a screenshot of the meter site and should have sent it to Chuvaness.

I was soo excited about this contest, that I have totally forgotten to blog about it. Why people are so crazy about it?! Check her site and see the prizes at stakes - the grand prize winner will get a luggage full of prizes such as laptop, other cool stuff, gift certificates, and more gift certificates! As in a lot of prizes!!!

Evening at the office, my co-worker and I were checking the site and calculating what time it would end. She even thought of staying late in the office just to capture the site meter. By the time I got home, I have totally forgotten about the contest (I had breakfast with my friends and got home around 11:30AM).

When my memory hits me I had to log in and check the site, I ran wild to my bedroom and turned on the pc, lucky that I was, the contest is still on.

For this contest, I even did a game plan. I slept and kept my pc running, putting it on Sleep mode. I even set my alarm so that I would know what time to wake up to check the site stats. I checked at 2PM.. 6PM.. 8PM.. and 10PM (I think - I was so sleepy to even check the time) that's when I decided to stay focused. I kept on refreshing the site, and I know any minute it would hit the 8,888,888 count. In less than 5 minutes, it did! - and I missed it by 2!

I have gotten 8,888,890! Arrrgh!!! I hope there are still consolation prizes for those who almost made it (gc's would be fine!)

Just the same, the contest was fun! Congratulations to the winners (I heard there were valid entries received)! Chuvaness.com rocks!