Freebies Alert: Free Oreos and Shampoo Sample

These are not new freebie links but for those who always ask for the links. Please check out below:

Free Oreos from 7-Eleven

 Although I am not very pleased with the last promotion of 7-Eleven for a free gulp cup during the May 2010 election, you guys may want to consider this freebie (at your own risk! haha). I heard that there are some outlets which are not aware of the promo (which is always the case for 7-Eleven). Staff would even call the Head Office to confirm. How humiliating it is to beg for a pack of free Oreos? Just wish that there are no people behind you waiting to be assisted..

Anyway, just register to the site and print the email notification. Present to the designated 7-Eleven store and claim your Free Oreos. If the printing of the notification would cost you more than Php10, then might as well just buy a pack than avail of this promo. Hehe.

Free Shampoo Samples

I have learned that this is a product of P&G, and although it says it is a mystery, the bottle shape and packaging would tell you it is Pantene! That’s good 90ml each for conditioner and shampoo. Not bad (although I still love the Free Sunsilk Sample). Just register and refer your friends. The sample would be delivered to your mailing address.


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