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July 31, 2010

Loving the Basics: Forever21 and Wetseal

I still haven't visited the Forever21 store in Megamall since it has opened. Glad that the Forever21 Facebook page is updating it's followers with the "new arrivals" every week (suddenly I have thought of ukay-ukay! Haha).

Love browsing through the album and listing in my mind the clothes that I wanted to buy. Although I feel that most of the stuff they sell in www.forever21.com is more chic and stylish, it is still good that there are some nice pieces being offered in the store.

Another reason for checking the album is for plain monitoring if the items I have recently bought would be available in the store. I am actually being a little impatient about my online purchases and it is taking a long while for it to arrive. Anyway, I was browsing through the Part 7 album and I have thought I have found a fish in the sea of new arrivals.

Here's a basic tee in mustard that I am wearing at this very moment!

I got it for only $6 online (now I wonder how much the basic tees cost) last year. This is actually one of my favorites! I love basics!

I was always on the hunt for the perfect basic tees in the Metro but I couldn't find one. Most of the shirts sold in the local brands are either too small or too short. Being tall that I am, I don't want to wear baby tees. Although TopShop does sell nice basic tees, I was still not very happy with its material. It was a total risk when I hoarded basic tees from Forever21 - not knowing if they would would, would shrink, or would tear. But I am just glad that they are just perfect! Who cares if the tag says it is made in China, or Maldives?! The most important thing is that it fits! Perfectly.

The material is stretch - not to thin to see your underwear, and not too thick to make you sweat. The shirt hugs the body perfectly giving you a sexy silhouette.

So why do I love basics?!

1. I can wear it and pair with any bottoms anytime. Can be skirt, short or jeans.
2. People wouldn't notice much if you wear it again and again.
3. It can easily worn with any accessories! Think of nice necklaces!
4. Easy to wash and I should say - wash and wear.

Another store I would recommend for buying basic tees is WetSeal. Check out www.wetseal.com. The site now ships worldwide and even shows prices in Peso (Php)!

Happy Shopping!